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Graham Balch

Graham Balch
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Appreciating Electric Philosophy

Last week, Green Yachts was on site in Washington helping a new owner of an electric Salona get to know their vessel...

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Kika's Reminder

For the past few years, Sailing Uma, Green Yachts, Oceanvolt, Electric Yachts and others have been showing boaters that...

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Trouble at Sea Survived

Green Yachts is known for selling boats with electric propulsion. But what most sailors may not know is Green Yachts...

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Why Get an Electric Boat?

Electric boats aren’t that common yet, they don’t have the range a gas/diesel engine gives you and they cost more. So...

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Safety on Commercial Electric Vessels

No operator around the world wants the headaches, repairs or headlines associated with a catastrophic safety event....

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Earth Day 2021

At Green Yachts, we love electric boats because they are quiet, don’t have the noxious fumes a diesel engine has, are...

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