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Welcome to our Blog for Green Yacht Sales
Our hope is to educate visitors on green boating, electric propulsion, and more...

Appreciating Electric Philosophy

Last week, Green Yachts was on site in Washington helping a new owner of an electric Salona get to know their vessel...

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Why Get an Electric Boat?

Electric boats aren’t that common yet, they don’t have the range a gas/diesel engine gives you and they cost more. So...

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How Safe Are Electric Cars and Boats?

Green Yachts has heard boat brokers tell boat buyers, “Don’t buy an electric boat, they are dangerous!”

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Electric Saiilng Proof of Concept

Today, July 17, 2020, Green Yachts began sailing two electric sailboats together across the Atlantic Ocean delivering...

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The Value of Silence

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, I went camping with my family on the shores of Lake Tahoe. We looked forward to a...

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